Unicorn Magazine Issue 143 is now out…

Unicorn Magazine Issue 143 is now out..!

Just to say that Issue 143 of Unicorn Magazine (July, August & September 2018) is now out! It is instantly available online as a downloadable PDF from the usual places (our website, ISSUU etc), and the hard copies are being distributed now.

Please also remember to sign up to our mailing list and read this blog for amends in between issues…

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News from St Albans Folk Music…

Two new bits of breaking news from St Albans Folk Music:

  • They now have a new home for the ex-Rose and Crown Wednesday session, now to be found at the Robin Hood in Victoria Street
  • An Dha have dropped out of Folk at the Maltings concert on June 1 and have been replaced by Rosie Hodgson and Rowan Piggott.

Contact them for more information…

Unicorn Magazine Issue 142 is now out…

Issue 142 is now out!

Just to say that Issue 142 of Unicorn Magazine (April, May & June 2018) is now out! It is instantly available online as a downloadable PDF from the usual places (our website, ISSUU etc), and the hard copies should be being distributed now.

Please also remember to sign up to our mailing list and read this blog for amends in between issues… For example, there is already an amend necessary to the printed version of 142 (we may be changing the download version if / when new ad artwork is available)… The Place Theatre have said that their ad on page 10 (and the Diary on page 27) contains an incorrect date – the Calan concert on 19th April is in fact on the 18th April… Please amend your diaries accordingly….

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Change of name and venue for The White Horse Folk Club, Hertford

This just in from the White Horse Folk Club…
With immediate effect we are having to change venue to
The Hertford Club
Lombard House
Bull Plain
SG14 1DT
…and as we will no longer meet in The White Horse I’m changing name to Four Rivers Folk Club (Hertford sits on the convergence of of The Beane, Lea, Rib and Mimram)
Until end of year we will be meeting there on 2nd and 4th Tuesday in the bar but in 2018 we will be changing evening to the  2nd and 4th Wednesday and have a private room upstairs.
More explanation here:
Hi Guys,
Due to the uncertainty of the viability of the White Horse as  a venue for the folk Club due to it remaining closed caused by no beer deliveries. There are many issues outstanding between Stefan (the licensee) and Fullers who appear to charge their resident landlords £160 for a barrel of London Pride but only charge non-tied landlords £115 or thereabouts. Stefan has taken no money out of the enterprise for the last 11 months. Seemingly Fullers are looking for another landlord.
With all this going on and to ensure that we continue to have a folk club in Hertford I have approached The Hertford Club and the following has been agreed to.
1. We can continue in the Hertford Club bar on a tuesday evening until end of this year.
2. From January 2018 we will run the folk club on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday monthly. This is because they a a decades long commitment  to the Chess Club on Tuesdays and this is ongoing.
3. I will transfer the amplified open mic from the 2nd Wednesday  to the 3rd Wednesday of the month 
4. We will have the room upstairs in the  Club at our disposal so we will be free of bar noise and be able to accommodate larger audiences.
5. They will charge me their standard fee for the room £25 per night but I can have my open mic night there if I want to without incurring an extra charge
6. If we have bigger acts that require a pa we can do this in this room.
Some notes:-
1. As we’re not using the White Horse I propose changing the name of the club to the “Four River’s Folk Club”, I didn’t think “The Hertford Club Folk Club”sounded good and “The Lombard House Folk Club” sounded too posh!
2. As I have to pay for the room now I am suggesting a £2 fee for audience and keeping it free for players as I don’t believe in the “pay to play” policy of some clubs.
3. Roger and Emma have helped out tremendously in taking over on nights but Roger isn’t always available and he and Emma are regulars at the Wednesdays in the Herald in Harlow so I’d like to ask Mike and John to consider assisting on a regular or ad hoc basis so I can have holidays etc.
Let me know how you see all this and please make suggestions.
To refresh from next Tuesday onwards we will be at the Hertford Club can you let as many people know as possible.

Fine Companion Dances

A note from Bedford Fine Companions (just in case!)… It seems we put the dates for their forthcoming public dances as below in the Diary section of Issue 137, but not in the Shall We Dance bit…

Public Dances: Newnham Middle  School  Polhill Avenue  Bedford MK41 9DT

  • 7.30 -11 pm         Entrance £7   Please  bring  a plate of food to share
  • Saturday    14/1      Caller – Nigel Close,   Band – Narrow Escape
  • Saturday    11/3     Caller – Mark Elvins,   Band  – Portland Drive

Please also note that their website address has now changed: https://finecompanions.wordpress.com



New dates for St Neots Folk Club

Here are some Diary dates for St Neots Folk Club – see their ad on page 7 of Issue 136:

  • October 4: Phil Hare Nov 1 Jody Kruskal
  • October 11: Tania Opland & Mike Freeman Nov 8 Open Stage
  • October 18: Liz Simcock Nov 15 Bram Taylor
  • October 25: Round the Room Nov 22 Sarah McQuaid
  • November 29: Round the Room
  • December 6: Greg Russell
  • December 13: Jim Causley £10.00 & £11.00
  • December 20: Club Christmas Party
  • December 28: Club Closed – reopens Jan 3rd – New Year Singaround

St Neots Folk Club
The Priory Centre,
St. Neots, PE19 2BH
Every Tuesday 8.00pm
Email – stneotsfolkclub@aol.com
Telephone – 01234 376278



Addition to Diary & Club Index for Redbourn Folk Club

In addition to their ad on page 2 of Issue 136 (see below), here are some dates from Redbourn Folk Club for the coming period:

  • October 6: BERNARD HOSKINS and floor spots
  • October 20 LIZ SIMCOCK and floor spots
  • October 27 Richard Scruton 1945 – 2016: FOLK, BLUES & BEYOND, to celebrate Richard’s love of Music
  • November 3: CARRIVICK SISTERS and floor spots
  • November 17: STORYWHEEL  and floor spots
  • December 1: BOB FOX  and floor spots
  • December 15:  DAVE ELLIS & BOO HOWARD and floor spots

Other dates are Open Stage. 

Thursdays 8.00pm

REDBOURN • Redbourn Folk Club
Old School Room, Hollybush PH, Church End,
Redbourn AL3 7DU
Contact: Jenny McNaught, 01582 793164

136 Redbourn Folk Club ad


Erratum to Shall We Dance

Oops! It seems we omitted the following details from Shall We Dance for Unicorn Ceilidhs in the latest issue:
  • Friday October 14th – The Watch with caller Bob Morgan
  • Friday November 11th – Chalktown with caller Sheena Masson
  • Saturday December 31st – Banter with caller Barry Goodman (advance ticket only)
Venue: St Mary’s Hall, Church Street, Baldock SG7 5AE
Contact: Alan Creamer, 07946 439095
We’ll be adding these to a revised edition of the online version, but clearly it won’t be in the printed copy – please spread the word! 

Erratum! Issue 135 Morris Diary / Whitchurch Morris

Oops! Unfortunately it seems that in the last issue (Issue 135) we made a major error in the entries for Whitchurch Morris in the Morris Diary pages (pages 34 & 35).

The following entries for WHITCHURCH on July 6th, 9th, 13th, 20th, 27th, 30th; August 31st; September 5th, 11th 21st and 28th are unfortunately complete errors and nothing to do with them!  

Many apologies both to the club and to anyone who may have attended as a result of our mistake.

Please note that Whitchurch MM resume their practices on Tuesday 4th October at 8.15 p.m. at Wilstone Village Hall HP23 4PE, [and afterwards in The Half Moon] and that new or returning men interested in dancing or as musicians will be very welcome!