A Musical Treat for All Ages

On Thursday 25 June, Keith Donnelly will be performing a two-part show on his Facebook page via Facebook Live.

Many of you will know Keith as a very funny and talented musician but you may not know that he now finds himself unable to claim any of the government help for the self employed during the coronavirus pandemic due to an error made by his accountant!!

So he’s doing this gig as a fundraiser and there will be a PayPal tip jar. PayPal.Me/KrazyKeithDonnelly

Please put some money in if you possibly can. Any contribution really helps and the gig will be worth every penny!

Keith prides himself that just about every show he does is suitable for everyone aged 2 to 122. But he’ll be aiming the first 45 minute set at 6.00pm more at families/kids and the second longer set starting at 7.30pm for the more ‘mature/discerning’ audience.

He is determined to make this event a bit more special than ‘Uh-oh, another front-room concert!’. So he will be using a quality Streaming Studio for the performance (with massive thanks to Simon at nn1audio #nn1audio @nn1audio).

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