Unicorn Magazine Issue 129 is now out…

Our latest issue (Issue 129) of the magazine is now out:

Issue 129

Issue 129

You can also download the full-colour A4 poster for 129 here, designed to encourage people to take a copy of the magazine… (or just collect the set for your wall!)

Issue 129 poster

Issue 129 poster

New session format at The King Harry

This just in from Alison Macfarlane and Jenny McNaught:

For a number of years, the singing duo Jenny McNaught and Alan Hulse has been running a singaround on the first Tuesday of the month, initially at Moor Mill at Park Street, from which their duo took its name and in recent years at the King Harry, on the corner of King Harry Lane and St Stephen’s Hill in St Albans. The numbers of singers attending have been tailing off and Jenny was thinking of knocking it on the head, but with a welcoming and appreciative pub, she was a bit reluctant to do so.

At the same time, a number of musicians have taken the view that, to complement the White Swan sessions, we could do with occasional sessions with a broader policy, more on the lines of the Kimpton sessions which Doug Jenner runs. This seems a good opportunity to try monthly sessions at the King Harry and Jenny and I have therefore decided to give it a try. The aim would to have a mainly music session, but with a good singing content, particularly the singers who have continued to support the singaround. The music policy would be traditional and other acoustic music from Britain, Ireland and beyond. Although some people will doubtless try to label it as an ‘English session’, this is definitely not the idea.

Although the change will officially take place on Tuesday January 6, if anyone is free tomorrow, December 2, then please come. The information about where to find the King Harry is on this link.


Hope to see you there, and also of course in the White Swan on Wednesdays