Stolen instrument update

A pleasant update to our last post regarding the theft of the below instrument;

The violin by William Atkinson (in Paglesham) 1928 and bow, a gold and ebony mounted bow by Brian Alvey – both labelled as such.  The combined insurance value is about £10,000.00 and were in an oblong canvas covered brown case with a blue interior.

I hope that you will be delighted to learn that, after yet another internet search, I last night found my violin and bow listed (at a very reasonable price) on a legitimate web site (Amber Violins) based inGloucestershire.  The police have been in touch with this seemingly innocent party who purchased them from another site (Musical – Money) who in turn got them from a fairly local address which, it has been hinted to me, is well known.  He is in the process of removing them from his site.  I will feel very sorry for him if he sustains a personal financial loss.

I wanted to take this opportunity of thanking you all (89 at the last count), fellow teachers, locals, auction houses, music shops and friends and family – and even the bow maker himself – for your fantastic support during this upsetting time.  I hope to have them back with me within a week or so.


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